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Gosh I miss fandoms. I've recently fallen headfirst into the Star Trek fandom, and while I am a willing devourer of everything (kirk/spock is my new otp) I miss the days when I used to contribute by writing or icon-making. I think really I miss that stage in my life where I had shitloads of free time to just follow stuff I loved doing without feeling crippled be needing to be ambitious/achieve.

Anyway: kirk/spock is fantastic but it's that level of obsession where sometimes I will stay awake until 3/4am reading fic and then nearly cry myself to sleep about how beautiful their love is. Yeah. That kind.

Tomorrow is my company's 10th anniversary party and we are going to Raymond Blanc's restaurant for dinner - I AM SO PSYCHED. Michelin starred food and champagne paid for by work - YES PLEASE. As you can see, I really love my job now.

On a more serious note: I actually do really like my job. Things are really interesting, I also got to go on a business trip to Milan which was great fun as I had time to see some of my family and this friday I have a day trip to Dusseldorf for a meeting which will be a bit of a bitch (exhausting-wise) but should be fun nonetheless! It's always enjoyable getting out of the office.

My bf is also now on his offshore-onshore schedule so he gets 2 weeks on and then 3 weeks off so I'm beginning to see him more regularly (and let me tell you what a shock the first few days were. It was like: why are you here. all the time. what.) So obviously, there are still some things to iron out.

Also - I missed my flight to Iceland. The first ever flight I have ever missed in my entire life. I am anally organised about everything and I got the fucking airport wrong. nightmare.

On the other hand got to try a great restaurant in London called Duck&Waffle and will just have to book again to go in March or February and then maybe get a chance to see the Northern Lights! So...even if bad/annoying things happen, something good might come out of it.

Now I am going to sleep because I have a call tomorrow with a Chinese company and need to be in the office a little earlier than usual.

Faith out.
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