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Resources and crediting

Thanks to:

Brushes and Textures and Gradients:
[ profile] teh_indy for providing resources and brushes used in some Layouts and Icons.
[ profile] 100x100_brushes: A great Community with some really talented people providing me with amazing brushes.
Pure Anodyne.
Unknown Brushes
[ profile] hownovel for providing some textures and some great tutorials.
[ profile] quebelly for brushes, textures and just about everything else.
[ profile] crumblingwalls for great gradients and fonts.
[ profile] icons_with_love for amazing textures and bases.
[ profile] pilot
[ profile] icon_textures
[ profile] inxsomniax
[ profile] awmp
[ profile] fuzzy
[ profile] colorfilter
[ profile] icongradients
[ profile] detoxcocktails
[ profile] milkmoon
[ profile] celygraphix
[ profile] floorshow
[ profile] graphicjunkie
[ profile] disappearicons
[ profile] ashke_icons
[ profile] icontemplation
[ profile] hisatomi
[ profile] i_consent
The Magic Box
[ profile] 77words

[ profile] quebelly
Font Garden

[ profile] cap_it
Hellsing ScreenCaps
Inuyasha ScreenCaps
More Inuyasha pictures
Getty Images
Ewan McGregor
Lost Wind Chime
Inuyasha Moon

[ profile] inexorablyhere
[ profile] teh_indy
[ profile] ignited
[ profile] withpaperwings_
[ profile] papermoon_icons + [ profile] starla_icons
[ profile] quebelly
[ profile] 3am_icons
[ profile] madebymi
[ profile] icon_tutorial
[ profile] not_a_painter
The rest are here

All other things such as icons and whatnot, shall be credited as appropriate. Also check out the 'Resources and Downloads' section in my Memories for more links.